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I've worked with hundreds of consulting firms over the years and Eustace has been one of the easiest to work with. They've been good, flexible partners. Thomas Chase, Chief Operating Officer, Delta Dental of Rhode Island

Headquartered in Providence, Delta Dental of Rhode Island is the state’s leading dental insurer. In 2017 the company created a new subsidiary, First Circle Inc. In early 2018, First Circle Inc. debuted Chewsi, a free app that empowers consumers to save on dental care by using the app and seeing a Chewsi dentist. Chewsi currently operates in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York and Hawaii and is quickly becoming a national product.

The Problem:

Chewsi was using a patchwork of tools— including Excel spreadsheets — to keep track of its dentist recruitment efforts. The manual processes were inefficient and time-consuming and too much time was spent on administration rather than convincing dentists to participate. Additionally, the recruitment team lacked insight into the sales pipeline.

The Solution:

Delta Dental of Rhode Island was already using Salesforce tools, so Chief Operating Officer Thomas Chase decided that Salesforce was the way to go for its subsidiary company. He engaged with a Salesforce consultant, but was unsatisfied with the vendor’s knowledge and the pace of implementation. He began contacting other Salesforce consultants and left a message for Eustace Consulting President and Founder Chris Eustace.

Eustace is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions Provider specializing in Salesforce. The company is expert at customizing Salesforce for different types of business.

“Chris called me back immediately,” recalls Chase. “He understood what we needed right away and the company hit the ground running.”

Before implementing Sales Cloud, Salesforce’s customer relationship management system, Eustace consultant Jeremy Eiholzer set out to understand the “architecture” of the customer data – that is, how all of the dentists fit together. A single dentist could work at multiple clinics and opt into Chewsi at one of his or her practices, but not another. This made things more complicated to track. As a result, Eiholzer had to create custom objects that could handle things like junctions between one dentist and multiple practices.

During the three-month engagement, Eiholzer also:

  • Implemented a two-way integration between Sales Cloud and First Circle Inc’s back end system, which contained all of the prospecting data. This allowed information to flow both ways to create a single source of truth.
  • Installed and customized Lightening Dialer, a Salesforce solution that enables the Chewsi sales team to reach out to prospects by simply clicking on a phone number within the platform. The customization was needed in order to associate the number with multiple opportunities, since a main clinic number could be the way to connect with more than one dentist. Eiholzer further customized Lightening Dialer so that once a call is completed, the system automatically logs the task as done.
  • Created some customized reports allowing the Chewsi sales team to segment recruitment regions to better organize assignments.


Chase said the new system has given his recruiters and managers much better insight into the sales pipeline. The time savings has been significant, he said, as recruiters no longer depend on manual processes. And the integration of Sales Cloud with First Circle Inc.’s back end system makes double-key entry no longer necessary. As a result of these efficiencies, recruiters are able to spend much more time on the bread and butter of the business: recruiting dentists.

“Eustace was great to work with,” says Chase. “Jeremy just rolled up his sleeves and got things done. I’ve worked with hundreds of consulting firms over the years and Eustace has been one of the easiest to work with. They’ve been good, flexible partners.”

"I've worked with Chris and his team on Salesforce projects and can't recommend their work enough. They are collaborative, creative, and they have pre-built solutions that just work. Not only are they great technical resources for Salesforce, but they are a HubSpot Gold certified partner as well. So whether you're rolling out Salesforce or HubSpot for the first time or need a technical partner on your next big integration project, I'd recommend chatting with Chris and his team at Eustace Consulting."

Sean Lane, Drift
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