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Service Cloud

Service Cloud allows Salesforce customers to expand the usage and complexity of the Case Object

Case Management comes out of the box with Sales Cloud, but if you need more sophistication in managing and escalating cases, Service Cloud is the answer for you.

Entitlements:  Easily identify if a customer is entitled to a specific level of support, simply by viewing the record.

Service Level Agreements (SLA):  Determining how quickly a customer's issue needs to be resolved is paramount to success. Easily escalate if an issue comes in and is not resolved in a specific amount of time.

Knowledgebase:  Whether behind a Salesforce Community Portal, or exposed to the internet, an external knowledgebase case be used to help your customers quickly resolve issues.  

Automatic case deflection, and even internal knowledgebase can be leveraged to assist your internal support representatives quickly.



Healthcare Professional Funding

The team at Eustace has been fantastic, helping us to get to the next level with Salesforce. We value them as a true partner. Erin Collins, Healthcare Professional Funding
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